GEOSOL Laboratory / Analysis and reports

More than ever, given the high cost of crop nutrition, soil analysis is essential in building an effective crop-nutrition program, both for organic and synthetic fertilizers. In Quebec, there are over 600 different series of soils, and it is not unusual to find 10 or so different series on land owned by a single company or on one farm. In addition to the raw data common to all soil-analysis reports, our soil mineral analysis report provides an understanding of the varying levels of individual nutrients in the soil based on the capacity of each soil type.

Each nutrient works in synergy with the others, be it in the soil or in the plant. It is important to conduct thorough soil analysis to understand the state of equilibrium among all nutrients. While a nutrient`s concentration level in the soil may be acceptable, it may have a negative effect on a plant if levels of another nutrient, which with it acts in synergy, are too low or too high.

Our soil mineral analysis report provides a complete examination of 14 analyzed factors and 7 calculated factors to foresee potential antagonistic effects more effectively.

Six indices exclusive to Synagri help provide a better understanding of all the analysis data as a whole based on the potential of each different soil type, and the 14 factors are illustrated visually with the use of bar charts.